Sweet Menu

Below are the homemede sweet dishes we have on offer. All of our cakes and tarts for sharing are 9" so if any other size is required please conatact us and we will be happy to oblige.

Ginger & Caramalised Pear Cake

A favourite here at Diddlesticks,this rich ginger cake baked with slices of caramalised pear.


Custard Tart

A velvety set custard with a hint of nutmeg.


Anzac Biscuits (18 biscuits)

These are a chewy, buttery biscuit made with oats and coconut.


Lemon Meringue Pie

Homemade lemon curd topped with pillowy meringue.


Coffee & Pistachio Cake

Coffee sponge drizzled with a coffee syrup filled and topped with a pastichio & coffee mascaropne cream.


Bakewell Tart

This traditional frangipan and jam filled tart is finished with royal icing and toasted almonds.


Lemon Drizzle and Poppyseed Cake

A beautifully moist lemon cake with a crunchy citrus topping.


Black Forest Gateau Cake

Chocolate sponge slightly soaked with a sweet black cherry syrup and filled with a black cherry and dark chocolate mascarpone cream.


Plain Scones (12)

These fresh scones are ready for you to add your favourite jams and cream.


Berry Pinwheels (18)

Puff pastries filled with a homemade berry compote topped with royal icing.


Jam Tarts (24)

Sweet, citrus individual pastry cases filled with a selection on lemon curd, apricot, strawberry and blackcurrant jam.


Summer Fruit & White Chocolate Cake

Vanilla sponge filled with a homemade summer fruit compote and a white chocolate buttercream.


Party Rings (18)

Diddlesticks have updated their childhood favourite using homemade gingerbread decorated with multicoloured royal icing- a perfect way to brighten any table.


Chocolate Tart

Rich dark chocolate ganache filled pastry case.Intensely chocolatey.


Shortbread (24 pieces)

These hand-made traditional shortbread will melt in the mouth.


Treacle Tart

This treacle tart is ready for you to serve with cream or custard.


Apple, Cinnamon & Apricot Cake

Apple and apricot cake spiced with cinnamon and topped with a sweetened cream cheese.


Sticky Toffee Loaf Cake

Moist toffee cake serve with a toffee sauce ready for you to heat and pour over the cake.


Chocolate Muesli Bars (18)

Sticky, chocolatey squares of oats, nuts and dried fruit.


Key Lime Pie

This buttery biscuit case is filled with a zesty lime cream which is then baked until perfectly set.