Savoury Menu

Below are the savory dishes we have on offer-

Sausagemeat Pie

Puff pastry pie filled with sausagemeat finished with an egg and cheddar cheese topping.


Cheese Scones (12)

Made with extra mature cheddar cheese.


Mini Fishcakes (30)

No potato used to bulk these out- just sustainable white fish mixed with capers, cheese & spring onions.


Garlic Mushroom Tart

Puff pastry tart filled with chopped mushrooms cooked in garlic topped with parmesan & breadcrumbs.


Individual Salmon Quiche (24)

Individual puff pastry cases filled with salmon, cherry tomato, spring onion and cheese.


BBQ Pork Pizza Squares (16)

Sliced pork cooked in a sweet BBQ sauce on a homemade deep-pan pizza base with a fesh tomato sauce, sweet peppers and melted buffallo mozerella.


Olive and Tomato Swirls (16)

Homemade bread baked with olives and sundried tomatoes.


Mini Thai Pork Meatballs (30)

Pork meatballs blended with fragrant Thai flavours served with a sweet chilli dip.


Mini Feta and Olive Muffins (24)

These savory muffins are made with feta cheese, olives and poppyseeds.


Procciutto Breadsticks (30)

Salty prociutto baked around homemade twisted breadsticks with ground black pepper.


Slow Roast Ginger Gammon (serves 8)

Gammon joint slow roasted with stem ginger.


Brisket of Beef (serves 8)

Brisket of beef slow cooked in red wine.


Smoked Salmon and Chive Bilinis (30)

15 homemade bilinis topped with smaoked salmon and horseradish cream and the other 15 topped with smoked salmon and creamcheese and chives.


Indian Spiced Chickpea Cakes (30)

Chickpea cakes made with Indian spices and served with yoghurt and mint sauce.


Cajun Spiced Chicken Wings (24)

Chicken wings cooked until golden in a spicy cajun marinade.


Pesto Pasta Salad

This cold pasta dish is a great, fresh addition to your table.


Vegetarian Mini Wraps (24)

The fillings include; 8x Brie, caramalised onion & cranberry sauce; 8x Curried quinoa, mango chutney & yoghurt dressing; 8x Mexican bean and creamcheese.


Meat/Fish Mini Wraps (24)

The fillings include; 8x Smoked mackrel & watercress; 8x Pork with pickeled red cabbage & apple; 8x Chicken, bacon & guacamole.


Ham, Pea and Mint Quiche

The classic combination of ham, pea and mint in shortcrust pastry finished with chedder cheese.


Red Cabbage and Apple

This braised red cabbage and apple dish is the perfect accompaniment to most savoury dishes.

Chicken & Mango Skewers(24)

Chicken pieces cooked in fresh basil and mint skewered with fresh mango.


Slow-Cooked Pork in Berries (serves 8)

This joint of pork is slow roasted with winter berries.


Lime and Coconut Dhal

Indian lentil curry with a freshing citrus tang. Serevd with nann bread.


Cheese, Tomato and Onion Quiche

Fresh baby plum tomatoes with sweet pickled onion and extra mature cheddar cheese.


Mini Swedish Meatballs (30)

Swedish meatballs made from a combination of pork and beef served with a spiced cranberry sauce.